"Velocity Church...Telling the story!"

"Velocity Church...Telling the story!"

"Velocity Church...Telling the story!"




Sharing Your Story; Larry Foster - The place where you can tell your "tale", not a step by step guide, but owning your own growth by focusing on the importance of building relationships with those who don't know Christ.

Between a Rock and a Grace Place; Evelyn Dorsey - Most of us at some point in our lives will encounter a most discouraging situation that tests our faith and makes us wonder where God is, why He is not answering and seems like He is not there.  In life's most difficult moments, trusting Him can lead to surprises of His grace and lead us to hope and joy.  A Ladies group for all ages!


Enough; Stan and Kerri Storey - Your purpose in life isn't to make money.  It isn't to live a comfortable lifestyle, to prepare for your retirement, or even to provide well for your family.  Believe it or not, you're designed for something far better and much more exhilarating.  If you limit your life's purpose to acquiring wealth or living comfortably, then you'll never be satisfied.

Velocity Kids; Sandy Nogle - God has given YOU a special talent.  It's true.  This plays a BIG part in God's plan for your life.  Join us beginning May 10th when we learn how it works!!



Welcome to Velocity. We want to make a difference in your life.  Listen to the latest sermon from Sunday.

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