• Pressure Points - A practical faith for facing life's challenges that examines practical ways we can face each challenge successfully.
  • Soul Detox - What's chipping away at your soul?  What's getting in the way of you becoming the person who God created you to be?  Let's explore how we can neutralize damaging influences and embrace clean living.
  • Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl - The most invigorating and rewarding journey of your life awaits you as you discover how to build personal two-way conversations with God, study the Bible and experience life change for yourself, cultivate great authenticity and depth in your relationships, and make disappointments work for you rather than against you.


  • Obey - This series for KIDS shows obedience isn't just behavior modification and pleasing others.  It's about showing that you're God's child and you live for Him.  It doesn't matter if someone's watching or even if anyone will ever find out.  Obedience builds a character of integrity.
  • P.S. I LOVE YOU...A Letter From Home - This study is a survey of the origin, content, and interpretation of "God's Love Letter" to humanity.
  • "Unlikely"...Living out the Gospel in a complex world for Young Adults - When the values of the church collide with the values of the world, how should we respond?  An illustration of what happened in the city of Portland which launched the nationwide movement called "CityServe."


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